Moment 4 Challenge

A simple way to break a bad habit

Every year in January/February I evaluate the year that has just passed and set down some goals/expectations for the upcoming year. This helps me a lot to set milestones that will remind me about my priorities during the whole year.  Besides that, I reflect on the key word for the year that becomes a sort of lighthouse for time, the main guiding line throughout all the year.  Last year such a word was “a change”, and somehow many changes have happened and they are still happening, and as a result, they require some transformation not only in my life but also in myself.  TRANSFORMATION is definitely the word for this year.

Transformation is related to rethinking and conscious changing of the reactions /behaviors, in other words habits.   There are many ways to train mindfulness and consciousness including 100days challenge, but somehow for me it doesn’t work, as it requires a very strong peer support that is not always there.

This year I gonna try something else, I will try to identify triggers that push me for some behavior, and will try to experience how does it feel to continue the destructive habit consciously. Then, I will try to identify the reward that it brings, and to support my motivation I will establish system of positive and negative reward on daily basis.

And last but not least I was really inspired by  habitrecode  that surprisingly works for me, unfortunately due to my schedule, travels and time zone changes I cannot explore the full potential of it. In order to manage all this I agreed with my family on similar positive/negative reward scheme. For positive reward I chose something really expensive and interesting for me: online school on style with Stella Clar , for negative reward – I will pay to my supporters in case I skip daily routine (in the morning or in the evening), and in one months will be able to tell you how it works!

And here is the TED talk by  Judson Brewer that I really recommend you to watch if you are interested in habit changing:

It is just a right moment4challenge!

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  1. stacey

    Hello Natalia.
    Love the post and thank you so much for mentioning Habit reCode.
    I am happy to say that Habit reCode will be coming to IOS AND it will have the ability to change timezones and check-in times.

    Ps, as someone dedicated to habit formation, one of the simplest and most effective triggers is a physical trigger. I use a silicone bracelet. Not only does it remind me to do the behavior but I get a tiny reward by taking off the band when I have completed the task.

    Take Care



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