Moment 4 Challenge



cropped-m4c.pngI see challenge as a gift.  It is a life opportunity that brings passion and peace, it creates possibility for learning and changes. I see it also as skill, as not everybody is courageous enough to go for a life challenge. In this blog, I will write about challenges that I take, about things that encourage, motivate and inspire me personally at everyday life.  I will share books I read, music I listen, tips I use for personal efficiency and life experiments I go for.

This blog is a challenge for me, but somehow I feel the burning need to write about my experience, and create links with other people, different backgrounds, life philosophies and vision.  With this blog, I go out of my box. It helps to structuralize my thoughts and ideas, as well as to get feedback from you. It is a development process, and a new path  I take. Will see where it goes! It is a moment4challenge

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