Moment 4 Challenge

Cats & Coffe: hate free zone

One of the most unusual places I ever visited was Cats and coffee vegan café in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic). All cats living there were taken from the street, and now they seen as owners of the whole building. There are special rules that all visitors have to follow, the main one is to respect cats and do not disturb them when they are sleeping, or you can play with them only if they want. Those rules educate people to respect not only cats, but also a certain culture.

Often in the caffe they organise events, including social events such as charitable fairs and other social events. This is a great example of social responsible buisiness, that promotes such values as peace and respect.

This definitely one of the most unusual cafes I ever been in my life, and when I come back to Hradec Kralove, I will definitely visit them again. Looking forward to see more places like this one!

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