Moment 4 Challenge


Do you know this feeling when some important ideas, thoughts, insight come to your mind in a very unappropriated moment when you cannot take any action or even write them down? It happens to me very often – in the plane, or  while jogging, even in a shower, or during the walk, when speaking to someone…. And, what happens if we don’t catch this moment? All those precious moment just disappear, like a smoke in the air instead of pushing you forward on the path of personal growth.

Just yesterday I saw a quote, that says if we do not reflect or do not take notes of our learning process or progress  – then we don’t learn. I am not completely agree with this saying, but definitely reflection and process of putting ideas into words helps a lot to conceptualize and further develop the learning points.

Another reason to call this part of my blog “travel of black smoke” is that the literal translation of my surname to English means “black smoke” and I see it as a very intimate way for reflection, or at least simple documentation of daily reflections, mainly for myself but maybe it can be interested for you too