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UNIFER, source of inspiration

In May of 2015 in the frame of  2- weeks Selet Prague School where I was invited as a trainer we visited UNIFER, the student-orientated organization aiming developing innovative solutions for different companies.  Students involved into the  UNIFER projects  are getting the real-life working experience in professional teams under supervision of mentors.  This involvement helps students to get credits in the job market as they become more competent in their field and as a result, they are more competitive at the job market.


“UNIFER is a student-oriented organization with the vision of implementing students into companies, to work on real-life projects and to be mentored by professionals. Students are able to gain experience and skills, which helps them to find a proper and appropriate job to build a long-term career. Students working on projects cooperate with their mentor. A mentor is a professional who shares his project-relevant (and other vital) experiences with the students, helping them to develop their skills. The mentor’s job is setting the standards of results and making sure they are achieved, realization of the project and proper communication between students and the client. One thing a mentor is not – mentor is not a boss.


All offered projects are relevant, real and viable. Participation on projects may contribute to long‑term or permanent partnership with the client’s organization. Projects have a wide range of specializations ranging from IT, marketing and PR to HR projects etc. The number of possible projects for students to work on is night infinite and new projects are still coming to UNIFER continuously.

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Results and solutions of these are innovative, creative and confirm with all the professional standards. The goal of UNIFER is to create and produce new, different and creative results and solutions, that are a hundred percent viable as well and that’s all thanks to the cooperation between students and their mentors.


I am a member of UNIFER, lots of my classmates are as well. I can say that UNIFER has a unique environment where all students can work. Every room, every office is designed and furnished in different style and has it’s own theme. There’s even a playroom, a room for rest and many other rooms to stimulate a student’s creativity.” (Source:


Besides that, UNIFERs offers a workspace for startups and by this way, they support sense of entrepreneurship among young people. At the same time UNIFER is not co-working or incubator/accelerator, this is something different.


What was particularly interesting for me in UNIFER is the concept of the working space. There are several working zones / rooms designed indifferent styles that stimulate creativity and innovation fully equipped for group work.

I was very inspired by spaces and by the work UNIFER does, as I think this is a great example of socially beneficial project!



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