Moment 4 Challenge

Visual Thinking – isn’t it cool?

Last week I was participating in the training course  “Open Space on Visual thinking” organised by ArmActive Youth Centre and Foreign Students of Luxembourg, where I had a chance to meet a super expert Francesco Tassi, who helped me to believe in my sketching skills!

Here are the results of my learning:

Day  1 and 2:  Learning the basics, how to draw human beings, places, arrows, landscapes and special effects:

IMG_20160220_114409 (1)



Day 2 and 3: Graphical story-telling, graphical scribing and creation of graphical library:




Day 5 and 6: Open Space, Video-scribing and stop motion

IMG_20160223_163058IMG_20160223_163125 (1)


Final result of video scribing (still do not believe that we did it!!!), special thank you for this video should go to my team: Eduard Oganyan and Julia Karih


My main conclusions after 6 days of training:

EVERYBODY CAN DRAW. It is a skill that can be developed as any other skill. Maybe you will not paint like Leonardo but everybody can sketch.

GRAPHICAL EXPRESSION IS THE SAME AS LINGUISTIC EXPRESSION, we should train ourselves on how to visualize keywords. Then, we can create visual library and simply operate it, this is the key skill for graphical recording and facilitation.

ACTIVE LISTENING is essential for graphical recording.

KEEP IT SIMPLE – is the main rule of sketching, though images should be expressive and catchy.

And the last but not least, it requires PRACTICE.

I still have a lot to learn, but this TC as a buffet gave me a taste of many instruments, and as the next step – I plan series of projects customised for trainers, already found cool experts! So, looking forward to develop myself further and contribute to the development of my colleagues!

It’s just a right moment for challenge!






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  1. Люба

    очень здорво! поздравляю с таким результатом тебя и команду поддержки!


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